Charlotte School of Law is Moving to Uptown in 2013

Charlotte School of Law is excited about moving to Uptown Charlotte in August 2013. Our new setting expands student access to courts, law firms, and businesses, while improving community access to legal service. The school's new site at Charlotte Plaza, located at 201 South College Street, brings students closer to leading law, banking, and energy companies, Charlotte's seven Fortune 500 headquartered companies and potential future employers. County and federal courts are right up the street, making it easier for judges, lawyers, and business and community leaders to visit the school.

Part of the school’s mission to serve the underserved requires all students to complete mandatory pro bono service to graduate.  The new site is a city bus ride from social and legal services agencies, simplifying access for pro bono clients and a short light-rail stop away from Charlotte School of Law’s new “clinic” site, which was recently established at 1300 South Blvd. to help facilitate this pro bono work.  Clinics are being developed across the area to address gaps in legal representation in such areas as veteran’s issues, immigration, and elder law and to provide students with valuable practice readiness skill development.

The school selected the 243,000 square feet on 10 floors in the city center building after reviewing multiple long-term growth options including new construction opportunities at their existing Suttle Avenue location.  The new site, only one block away from the city transportation hub, increases accessibility for faculty, students, corporate partners, and pro bono clients and helps to reduce its carbon footprint in the city. “We have always had the goal of having a unified campus since we began in 2005,” said Charlotte School of Law School Dean, Denise Spriggs.  “This move also allows for better collaborative and experiential learning models and also fits with our desire to be more “Green” by having public transportation more readily available to our entire faculty, staff and students.”

“As much as we have enjoyed our current facilities, we recognize the opportunities an Uptown move provides the school, our students, and the community,” said Charlotte School of Law President, Dennis Stone.  “Because the school doesn’t own its buildings, we can take advantage of exceptional lease options to best position our students for success.”

North Carolina boasts seven law schools, but only one is located in its dynamic largest metropolitan area.  The new Uptown location offers students the chance to fully appreciate all the city of Charlotte has to offer.  Dining, entertainment, housing, professional sports, fitness, transportation, and the arts are literally steps away from the school. 

“The school constantly looks for ways to enhance our students’ learning experience, and the new location incorporates two of the school’s missions of practice readiness and student-centered outcomes into one dynamic spot,” said the school’s Dean of Students, Michael Farley.  “Bringing the students closer to the courts and corporate counsel co-op partners really takes their needs into account.  Plus the Uptown location, with its varied dining and entertainment options, aids students and faculty in achieving work -life balance.”

Charlotte School of Law provides a variety of law study program options including a full-time Juris Doctor (J.D.) program, part-time day and evening J.D. programs designed for working professionals, and a joint J.D. /M.B.A degree with UNC-Charlotte.  Beginning in January, Charlotte School of Law will also be offering certificate programs including Paralegal, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, Immigration, and Diversity Management. The school’s student-centered curriculum focuses on experiential education: the hands-on learning needed to equip graduates with the leadership, management and interpersonal skills that are necessary for career success.