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Financial Aid at Charlotte School of Law

The Charlotte School of Law Financial Aid Office strongly encourages you to borrow only what you will need for the upcoming academic year.

Completing a 2014-2015 FAFSA: All the Right Moves

Federal Loans

If you are eligible for and wish to secure federal funding for law school, there are two types of loans for which graduate students are eligible. There are no federal or state grants available to graduate students.

The two types of loans are: 

  • Stafford Loan: Eligible students are guaranteed $20,500 each academic year. To apply, you must complete the FAFSA at
  • Grad Plus Loan: Eligible students may borrow up to their total cost of attendance to help cover any remaining tuition and living expenses. These are federal loans with a slightly higher interest rate. These loans are credit based. As a general rule, most students will qualify unless you have revolving credit accounts 90 days past due, foreclosure, or bankruptcy items on your credit report. If you do not qualify for the Grad Plus loan, you can either appeal the denial or add a co-signer/endorser.

*General formula: subtract your scholarship and Stafford loan amounts from the estimated total cost of attendance to determine the maximum you may borrow in a Grad Plus loan.

Please click here to view 2013-2014 Cost of Attendance Budgets.

Private Education Loans

The Sallie Mae Smart Option Student Loan for Law Students is an attractive, lower-priced alternative to federal student loans and other financing vehicles.

Charlotte School of Law Private Education Loan Preferred Lender List

Comparing Student Loan Options

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Loan Repayment

As a federal student loan borrower it is your responsibility to repay your Stafford and Grad PLUS student loans in a timely manner after you leave school. Given the fact that graduate student loan debt can be quite high, the Federal Government has created several options for loan repayment, which are listed below.

Pay As You Earn Plan
Standard Plan
Extended Plan
Graduated Plan
Income-Based Plan
Income-Contingent Plan
Income-Sensitive Plan


Merit Scholarships

Charlotte School of Law may offer merit based scholarships to incoming students. If selected, Merit Scholarships are awarded to full-time (13+ credit hours) and part-time (9-12 credit hours) first year entering students in their letter of acceptance in recognition of their strong academic performance. Amounts range from $1000 to the full tuition cost per academic year. Merit based scholarships are non-negotiable, may be renewed each year and are considered confidential information. Awarded students who enroll in the part time (9-12 credit hours) program are eligible for 80% of the full-time award.

Students have the right to appeal their scholarship loss by writing a letter of appeal to the Scholarship Committee and forwarding it to

Charlotte School of Law Conditional Scholarship Retention

Academic Achievement Scholarships

Academic Achievement Scholarships are performance based scholarships awarded to full time and part time students who demonstrate academic excellence and complete the academic year in the top 15% of their cohort.  The award is offered for one academic year only and each cohort is evaluated at the end of the spring semester.  Award amounts are tiered based on the top 5, 10 and 15% of the class with the top 5% receiving the maximum award.  Award amounts vary based on available scholarship funding.

These scholarships may be awarded in conjunction with Merit Scholarships not to exceed a student’s tuition costs for one academic year.  Students enrolled in 9-12 credit hours are eligible to receive 80% of the full time award amounts.  Part time students will be evaluated for the first time when they have completed 30 credit hours and have reached the end of their academic year.   Their academic year may begin in January or August.  Beyond that, awards will be determined at the end of each spring semester.    The cohort for determining first time recipients of the scholarship will only include those students who have completed 30 credit hours.  Therefore, fewer students are represented in this cohort for scholarship purposes.

Outside Scholarships:

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